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[HF] Reaper 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 21st Mar 2014
Dear Demons,

We are now Live 24/7 on TeamSpeak 3
password: ask Officers or me for the password

100% Rift boost, so we Rift
Evil Commander

22nd Mar 2014 [HF] Reaper
100% bonus to XP during this weekend.
Friday night we were running 2 groups CotA.
To follow the high DPS moderators setting up HF CotA games: You need to be in teamspeak so moderators can balance up the group´s.
Leading Monks to soon reach lvl 500 paragon is [HF]Shadowmurloc and [HF]Tom.
To keep up with the Pro´s, you need to be a Pro :)
Evil Come, Evil Go...
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