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Welcome all members to the Hellz Finest Clan
[HF] Reaper 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 12th Mar 2014
Some members history follow below:

Founder: HF_Reaper is one of the two original (Tony & Doug) founders of Hellz Finest in Diablo 2 2003. Playing Barbarian.
The clan Hellz finest are known from the Euro PVP-Leuge as both from 1vs1 and 4vs4 world Champoins.
Harcore support Barbarian (Sparta) for HF_Murvel Aka (Darxflex) and HF_Belan Most known and feared HardCore Barbarians in EU.
Supporter of my nephew StarCraft II Player. The Swedish pro member of Team Root "ROOT-Succeed"

Officer: HF_Murvel Aka (Darxflex) Most known and feared HardCore Barbarian in EU, for his evil and agressive player killing marathons. 
He is responsible for more then 2000 slayed souls. 
The legend tells that when Reaper Of Souls releases it will let him out again from hell to start slaying once again.

Officer: HF_Belan Sister of HF_Murvel known and feared HardCore Barbarian in EU, for her evil and agressive player killing marathons. 
She is also responsible for more then 1000 slayed souls.

Officer: HF_Toxtter known as M3phisto @ Jsp.
Leader of an diablo 2 lod HC eu ladder clan running an baalchannel for 6 years.
Now playing Diablo 3 softcore in the HF Clan, with my job as Officer. I will spend much time into the guild with time that I have.
Now that ROS is coming out we will expand our guild and ofcourse drink more alcohol in the weekends and play more diablo 3 ros with alot of fun behind skype.
This is my way to relax with the guild to have some fun playing togheter and talking about nothing serious like nonsense.
M3phisto is also very known in the proffesional gaming world named Toxtter in the games Quakeworld, Quake 3 Osp/CPM, Quake 4 Max, Quake Live.
Getting sponsered by Intel, Razer,, Srs ( Serious Gaming ), LLL ( Lowlandlions ) and many more in the past.

Officer: HF_Haj member of the orignal Diablo 2 Hellz Finest clan (playing Amazon)

Member: HF_Desomophine (Michael): leader of FIA - Fools in Actions.
EU best lvsl / farming crew Diablo 2

This group is about fun. It's not about power, control, or rank over others. Everyone deserves equal respect. The following are the basic rules for this group. 

Act professional and represent the group with dignity and respect.

Treat other players respectfully and professionally. 
Clan Violations:
Violations of the following will ultimately result in being removed from the group and access to our gameplay. 
Racist rhetoric and disrespecting others. 
HF members are chosen because they have shown themselves to be of higher class. 
We will not tolerate racist speech, smack talking, or other egregious forms of speech. 
Racist and intolerant speech has a ZERO tolerance policy. It will result in immediate removal from the clan.

Clan Officers:

Are the only once who can Invite new members, please contact a HF_Officer to requite a new member to the Hellz Finest.

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