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Welcome all new and old exicting members to the Hellz Finest clan on Diablo III

Some members history follow below:

Founder: HF_Reaper is one of the two original (Tony & Doug) founders of Hellz Finest in Diablo 2 2003. Playing Barbarian.
The clan Hellz finest are known from the Euro PVP-Leuge as both from 1vs1 and 4vs4 world Champoins.
In ROS Season 2 HardCore main character is the party-leader as WD Tank for +40 Greater Tiers runs.
Secondary characters are DH, Wizard and Monk (Barb is still a (No proc char in HC = No Go!)

Leader: [HF] Mcgiver Aka (Darxflex) Most known and feared HC Barbarian in EU, for his evil and agressive player killing marathons. 
He is responsible for more then 2000 slayed souls. 
In ROS Season 2 HardCore main character is DPS Monk for Leaderboard-play +40 Greater Tiers runs.
Secondary characters are DH and Wizard ( Barb is still a No proc char in HC = No Go!)

[HF] HellzFinest  Leaderboard-Play on HC will be the clan main goal on Seasons 2
To join The Clan you need to be an Extreme Gamer  with a crazy winning mentality.
In HardCore we say: “It's not how many times you fall that matters, it's how many time you get back up.and push on”
Apply in our Community "HellzFinest HC"

This group is about fun and Rank. It's not about power and control. Everyone deserves equal respect. The following are the basic rules for this group. 

Act professional and represent the group with dignity and respect.
Treat other players respectfully and professionally. 
Clan Violations:
Violations of the following will ultimately result in being removed from the group and access to our gameplay. 
Racist rhetoric and disrespecting others. 
HF members are chosen because they have shown themselves to be of higher class. 
We will not tolerate racist speech, smack talking, or other egregious forms of speech. 
Racist and intolerant speech has a ZERO tolerance policy. It will result in immediate removal from the clan.

Clan Officers:

Are the only once who can Invite new members, please contact a HF_Officer to requite a new member to the Hellz Finest.
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